Workplace Safety is a Requirement, Not a Goal

Many businesses aspire to achieve certain goals. These might be hitting sales targets, increasing profits in the next quarter, or expanding into a second location. However, one thing that should not be a goal, but a requirement, is workplace safety.

Every employee of a company has the right to expect a workplace where it is safe for them to perform their duties at all times. This helps to ensure not only the well-being of all company workers, but also every member of the public they deal with on the site.

On the most basic dollars and cents front, workplace safety also just makes good business sense. Establishing and maintaining a safe environment ensures that there will no disruption in daily work activities or the firm’s product output. It also helps to preserve a company’s reputation as a reliable provider that treats its members well and lives up to its obligations in a timely fashion. Reputation can mean a lot in today’s world; think about all of the organizations significantly harmed when negative reports are widely shared on the internet. It is very easy to investigate whether a company is one with whom you wish to do business.

Like people, every industry is different. For example, when it comes to safety for working at heights, the requirements are much different from office workers who only risk injury from repetitive strain and posture problems. Fortunately, the rules take each workplace and its inherent risks into consideration quite thoroughly. Past incidents, and possible changes that could add danger, are also factored in.

Ontario’s Joint Health and Safety Committees (or jhsc – Ontario) have established training programs that provide all of the rules and methodology required for the province’s businesses. Visit the Ontario Ministry of Labor website for more details.