New Policies & Strategies

healthThere are many things that I would change in the event that I would be in a position of power.  I believe universal healthcare is one of the most important aspects that I would change.  Healthcare is not readily available to many of those who need it.  It might be easy for some of us, and we might even take it for granted.  However, there are many out there in the world who do not have access to proper healthcare or cannot afford it.  We as a society should be continuing to strive to promote free healthcare and the support that goes along with it.

For example, even though healthcare may be available and affordable, the medication may not be.  Along with that, birth control and prevention medication should also be readily available.  Things like universal identification diabetic bracelet should also be readily available to those who have illnesses that need to be identified.

If all these things are affordable or even free and available, think of all the people who could benefit from this.  We wouldn’t have sick people on the streets and people would be able to even prevent certain illnesses.  A universal allergy bracelet is a great example of a prevention technique.  If a child goes to school and wears an identification bracelet to tell everyone that they have an allergy, there risk of mistaken foods would decrease exponentially.

Implementing these systems of prevention as well as affordable and available healthcare would make our world a better place.  Illnesses would decrease and the standard of living would increase.  People wouldn’t need to worry about getting sick and not being able to receive the proper care they deserve.  Medication should be much more affordable for those who require it and prevention tactics should be implemented.  By providing all these aiding sources to the general public, our society would be able to live in a happier place.